Vision : Professional Material Provider Mission : 1. Efficiency People 2. High Quality Product 3. Excellent Logistics 4. Customer Integrated
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Vision : Professional Material Provider
Mission : 1. Efficiency People
  2. High Quality Product
  3. Excellent Logistics
  4. Customer Integrated
Company Profile

Urekote-Thai Co., Ltd., was established in late 1994 as a supplier of quality materials to support the manufacturing industry. It was initiated by a group of foresighted professionals who realizes Thailand’s capability and wishes to contribute in making it a leading manufacturing nation. As the country is moving towards its vision, Urekote-Thai will proudly be side by side working to provide the necessary support.

Since its establishment, Urekote-Thai has grown significantly to become a leader in the respective market. We have made continuous improvements in terms of product lines and teams as well as have expanded our business horizon. To date, we have an effective organization consisting of the management team who possesses extensive industry experience, and the marketing team who has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the chemical industry. So far, we have been standing along side and growing steadily with the manufacturers in Thailand especially in the Paint, Ink and Plastic industries.

In the up-coming decade, Urekote-Thai is ready to extend our contributions to the Decorative Paint, Automobile Paint, and Printing industries. The ultimate goal of Urekote-Thai is to be a part of the continuous advancement of the industrial segment in Thailand with the aim to enhance the quality of life for all living-beings.

Having been contributing to the manufacturing industries in Thailand for over 10 years, Urekote-Thai Co., Ltd. has continuously been an integral part of the industries’ rapid growth and success, helping to make Thailand one of the important manufacturing locations in South East Asia with recognized international standards and quality. We are proud to be a part of the sustainable development of the society.

Urekote-Thai is the supplier of various raw materials used in the Chemical industry. We have been well recognized in the Paint & Ink industry for over a decade and currently, we are expanding into the Plastics & Rubbers, Lubricant, Cosmetic, Water Treatment, Construction and Adhesive industries also for human being we have supply food additives for the food manufacturer in Thailand.

With very concerning in the logistics and make customer satisfy with our service, our warehouse is located near air cargo and sea port so we can very fast do the clearance for in time delivery to customer destination.

Our Products Aluminum Paste

For over a decade, Urekote - Thai has been the sole distributor in Thailand for Silberline Manufacture Co.Inc.(USA), a manufacturer with world - class standards.

We are proud of our Aluminum Paste & Pigment products which are important components in manufacturing shiny metallic paints. We are ready to put a shine on everything in the Paint & Ink as well as the Plastic & Rubber industries, adding sparkling colors to everything around from toothpaste tubes, shampoo bottles, shiny and metallic looking cars, office equipment, electric appliances, canned products, bright colorful newspaper and magazines as well as packaging materials.

We are an integral part of all the things you encounter and touch every second of your life.


Our Aluminum Paste & Pigment products are impressively resistant to acids, alkalis, sunlight, UV light and are durable under all conditions. We believe that products with such superiority should be a part of a quality life.


Based on our clear understanding of the manufacturing industries' requirements, we know what is vital to successful production. Therefore, we are the sole distributor for EFKA Additives b.v. (Holland), which is the manufacturer of additives used in production processes of various industries such as Paint, Ink, Plastic and etc. Some additives make paints blend well together or prevent formation of air bubbles.

Some are added as UV absorbers to make paints more durable under UV light, yielding high-quality paints while some are added to make paint obtain high slip and smooth such as wood and car coating products as well as various materials.

And in order to ensure the effective use of our additives products, our knowledgeable Regional Technical Advisors (RTA) will be at Urekote - Thai office to assist and provide our customers with technical recommendations and post sales support services.

Beside our commitment to quality, we feel strongly obliged to take care of the environment; the award given to our products from EBEAFI for outstanding environment achievement is confirmation of our efforts.

All in all, we can be regarded as an integrated component providing what is missing to make a complete society.


To address potential hazards from bio-reactions which occur daily in our life, we offer biocide products from Thor Specialties. Biocides are one of the important materials used in some production processes to prevent microbial attack. They are added in decorative paints to protect houses from molds in humid conditions or in plastic products such as shower curtains to prevent molds or musty odor.


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